Data Driven Professional

Sales and Sales Engineering

Location I’d work

Dallas-Fort Worth

Level of Position I’d consider

Vice President (including SVP)

Desired Salary

$180,000 to $200,000

Title's I'd Consider

Vice President, Senior Vice President

Why you should hire me

I have strategically built my career and had a successful team because my focus is always on continuous improvement. I consistently build and review internal processes to help improve external revenue. As an example in 2020, I put a process together to improve on time delivery of repaired equipment. Once I started to track that and assign metrics to the it, process improvement were put into place and we were able to double our revenue in 12 calendar months. In 2018, with support of my production and supply chain, I lead a project to build a 13 rolling week forecast which improved order flow, controlled inventory levels and created consistency in cash flow. By creating this weekly milestone goals as opposed to monthly and quarterly goals, this improved morale on the Sales team as we were celebrating accomplishments each week. This also gave the Marketing team real time data on return of investment for campaigns. In summary, while I lead a Sales & Marketing team, I truly understand that success cannot come just from inbound orders. A truly successful company and team looks at all the facets and my strength is bridging those pieces together.

3 notable accomplishments

My must haves

Diverse and strong leadership peers Affordable health insurance Maternity Leave
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My nice-to-haves

Strong Supply Chain In House Marketing Team US Based Engineering Team