Experienced Systems Administrator

Infrastructure and IT

Location I’d work

Greater Boston

Level of Position I’d consider

Manager (including Senior Manager)

Desired Salary


Title's I'd Consider

Senior Systems Administrator, Senior Automation Engineer

Why you should hire me

I'm an experienced systems administrator who can help small companies get their big ideas to market in a scalable, secure way, using largely open source components. I am skilled at acting as a go-between between the needs of departments and business goals. I'm comfortable mentoring, presenting, and writing documents as well as code.

3 notable accomplishments

My must haves

A great team! A collaborative environment Management shielding from politics Ability to learn and teach Chance to guide decisions and contribute to technical direction Humane work-life balance
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My nice-to-haves

Occasional work-from-home freedom Budget for training OS choice on my workstation or laptop